Sassy Pod – Meet Saidey and Tegan

Sassy Pod – Meet Saidey and Tegan
Podcast 2

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A little over a year ago the girls came to me and they wanted to do their own podcast. Who am I to say no? So we set them up to do everything, I taught them how to use the equipment and software, they recorded and edited, and I failed to upload. They had their own channel for the show, but honestly it’s hard enough to maintain the this show and Spoiler Country, adding a THIRD show was just nuts. 
SO I talked to them and we all decided that we would put The Super Awesome Sisters Show Podcast as a sub show to Haphazard that way it was easier to get them out, people could hear them and in the future they could break off into their own show if they wanted. 
So I present to you from roughly 2 years ago, the first Sassy Pod (as they call it). Recorded and edited by Saidey and Tegan. 
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